Bug Reports + Praise for World of Pandora

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Bug Reports + Praise for World of Pandora

Post by bunnylions »

First of all: World of Pandora's music is amazing. Especially ambient4/ambient7 (Elan by Secret Garden) and the title theme (Secret on the Moors by David Arkenstone). All the songs are are wonderful.
I also noticed that ambient6 has a part with a leitmotif from the original Impressive Title's ambient1 (not the same ambient1 as the one here in WoP).
I really enjoy the smooth texturing on the models and how even though there's some detailed shading, it doesn't lag too much.
The option for different eye masks is extremely unique, and I am a big fan of it. If I could change anything about character creation however I would make it so you can color each eye separately. But that's just a suggestion.
The only bugs I have to complain about, really, are that animals often don't die when their HP reaches zero until a little bit later, and only then do you acquire your skills or find any items laying about. I believe this may have to do with the fact that animals attack each other, though I do like that extra bit of realism. Also, some portals can't be found/don't work despite appearing on the minimap, and there are a LOT of missing textures on various objects. I also seem to randomly take damage sometimes. Another complaint I have is that animals run too far and fast. More often than not I have to spend several minutes running all the way across the map just to land a single hit on something.
I'd also like an option to "Use Windows Cursor," so I can multitask and do things like type on notepad with WoP running in the background.
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Re: Bug Reports + Praise for World of Pandora

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Hello and sorry for the very long response. Things that are currently being updated:
- spawn and drop list;
- missing materials (no textures on some objects)
Unfortunately, there is no way to go to window mode now, because the game will probably crash and crash, but in the future we will come up with something, as well as a solution to other problems in the game
Thank you for your feedback!
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